God sets the table and invites all to receive the body and blood of Christ - Old or young, rich or poor, single, married, divorced, re-married, widowed, orphaned; all baptized Christians are welcome at the Lord's Supper.

Bread of Life

St. Martin of Tours

Meeting at Redeemer Lutheran Church
631 N. 19th Street, Milwaukee

St. Martin of Tours CEC was started on January 18, 2015 as a mission church from Bread of Life in the city of Milwaukee. Fr. Steve Block is the Vicar of the Mission. The first mass gathered with 26 people present, followed by a meal in the hall downstairs afterward. The mission met at New Born Christ Baptist Church at 16th and Center Streets in Milwaukee. In October of 2015, St. Martin's was recognized by the BIshop as a Mission Church in the Central Diocese of the CEC. Beginning November 6, 2016, St. Martin's meets at Redeemer Lutheran Church, 631 N. 19th St. in Milwaukee.

St. Martin's will offer eucharist every Sunday at 12:30pm. A community meal is offered at Noon by Redeemer Lutheran before the mass. All are welcome to attend. Donations for the mission may be gven to Fr. Steve.. Checks should be made out to St. Martin's CEC.

Services and Activities

Worship / Holy Eucharist: Sunday at 12:45 p.m.
Bible Study: Wednesday